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Liadis Trans
National Transports Thiva

Liadis Trans has been operating since 1970 in the field of national transport throughout Greece.

The main facilities are opposite Thiva Railway Station. This is a space of 20 acres that hosts 10 privately-owned public cars, 30 floors, curtains specially adapted to carry any kind of goods, containers and europallets.

The well-trained personnel undertake the storage, storage and complete evacuation of the containers at the premises of the company's main facilities.




All of our cars meet the necessary safety measures, they are technology for the last 5 years, while our drivers have experience and know very well the loading of all kinds of goods, but also any destination that you prefer to transport your goods.

Our company has a branch office in Keratsini with a storage capacity of 5 acres.

for any information regarding your transport and we will serve you directly.